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Portrait Painting Workshop 5 days - Huntsville, Alabama

Prote'ge' Atelier

Huntsville, Alabama

The first day students will start with a brown paint in order to capture the gesture and use construction drawing to study the proportions of the head, focusing on the shadows as the foundation for the drawing. Then flesh tones are added to the light mass in order to develop a full value range, create planes and begin building the light on the form.

The second day we will practice color studies of the head using a basic abstract color theory and method.  An understanding of local color versus the color of the light source will be explored.

Finally, the last three days will be devoted to a long pose where students will practice building a painting using the exercises of the first two days and progressing toward the 'finish pass'.  The finish pass will study working wet-into-wet vs. wet-over-dry, the role and use of edges, developing focal points, the concept of larger to smaller relationships, modeling towards the light, paint handling and other issues as they come up. 

All stages will be demonstrated by the instructor along with individual attention at each student's easel.