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Advanced Figure Painting Workshop @ Studio Incamminati

This workshop will focus on the long pose with the figure as our subject. Every morning the instructor will demonstrate from 9am til 10:30 am, leading the students through each stage of the process. Students will first focus on the grisaille stage, which uses a brown paint to establish the proportions of the drawing stage. The instructor will talk about abstract relationships and working from larger to smaller shapes, basic anatomy and gesture, The next stage students will use flesh tones to establish a value range, building the planes of the structures and rendering form towards the light source. This will create the under-painting upon which color can then be built over top. A basic color theory will then be introduced; half way through the workshop the class will take a break from the long pose to practice color studies of the figure. We will then apply what we have learned about color to the long pose resulting in a full color under-painting. Finally, students will be guided how to build the 'final pass' or 'finish pass' of the portrait where students will learn about painting wet-into-wet vs. wet-over-dry, the principles of rendering light on form, artistic anatomy, managing color, rendering, edges and focal points. Students will have time to develop their figure painting to near full completion. The instructor will teach with visual demonstrations every morning as well as at each students easel throughout the day. This workshop is for beginner to advanced students, some drawing and painting experience is required. Completion of intensive painting workshops beforehand is also beneficial.