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Still Life Painting Workshop 5 days: Philadelphia


The workshop explores the building stages of a painting from beginning to finish. Still life is ideal for this type of study because it provides a subject and light source that is constant.

The first day of the workshop students spend setting up their individual still life arrangements and executing small painting thumbnails in order to find the composition for the final painting. Day two, students begin the final painting that they have four days to develop. Every morning the instructor works on a demo painting from 9 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. and the rest of the day teaches at the students' easels.

The painting stages consist of the initial grisaille, where drawing and proportion are strictly observed.Subsequent stages move into the full-color block-in where abstract value and color relationships are established and adjusted. The larger-to-smaller shape principle is observed as students move through this process. In addition, students and instructor discuss the concept of light on form, establishing value and color parameters, edge development, paint handling, focal points, and when a work is considered complete. Students leave with a completed painting and concepts and skills acquired.

Beginner, intermediate and advanced painters are welcome. Some basic experience is beneficial before taking this workshop.

Studio Incamminati (215) 592-7910