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Advanced Portrait Painting Workshop 5 days: Philadelphia


This workshop will focus on a five-day long pose.

Every day the instructor will demonstrate from 9 - 10:30 a.m, leading the students through each stage of the process. Students will first focus on the grisaille stage, which uses a brown paint to establish the proportions of the drawing. The instructor will talk about abstract relationships, basic anatomy and working from larger to smaller shapes. Then students will use flesh tones to establish the value range and begin to establish planes and render form. This will create the underpainting upon which color can then be built over top.

A basic color theory will be introduced. Students will practice a separate color study and then apply what they have learned to their final painting creating a full color underpainting. Then students will be guided how to build on top of this as they begin the final pass or finish pass of the portrait where students will learn about painting wet into wet, abstract relationships, value and color, planes, form, edges and focal point. Students will have ample time to push their portrait to full completion.

The instructor will use visual demonstrations as well as at each student’s easel.

This workshop is for intermediate to advanced students.

A 3 hour evening demonstration will also accompany this workshop. 


Studio Incamminati (215) 592-7910