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Self-Portrait Painting Workshop - 5 days - Vancouver Canda


The purpose of this workshop is to study the building stages of creating a self portrait painting from life working towards a finish. The first 2 days we will practice shorter exercises that we will then apply to a 3 day long pose. By following a basic process we can examine closer each stage and it's correlating visual principles. Every morning from 9am -10:30am the instructor will demonstrate in order to lead students in what they will work on for the day. The first day students will start with a grisaille, or brown paint, to study classical drawing thinking and work out the proportions of the head. Then flesh tones are added to develop a fuller value range and begin building the illusion of 'light on form'. The second day multiple color studies along with a basic color theory are explored. Students will then spend three days working on a self portrait long pose and applying the methods learned from the exercises. The long pose will also explore overall concept, developing the painting further, basic anatomy, focal points, finishing and getting beyond the psychological hurdles of painting yourself! Beginner, intermediate and advanced painters welcome.