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Portrait Painting Workshop - 3 days - Ponte Vedra Beach Florida


This three-day oil painting portrait workshop will introduce students to drawing, flesh tone and color exercises the first day and applying these lessons to a two-day-long pose. The drawing portion will focus on calibrating tilts and distances, also known as proportions, which are key to getting likeness. We will then build on this by adding adding flesh tones in the light mass of a few limited values in order to build the planes of the head and begin modeling form. Color study is a separate exercise where students will play with and exaggerate color notes in order get outside of their comfort zone and become more perceptive to color possibilities. The long pose will integrate the lessons learned into one painting process with more time to develop further leading towards finishing the focal point areas. The instructor will demo every morning in order to lead students with what they will work on for the day as well as helping students at their easels throughout the day. Students will leave with one flesh tone study, one color study and one log pose painting, a better understanding of the principles of individual exercises and the building stages a portrait goes through including the finish stage.

A public portrait painting demonstration open to the public on Friday night at 6pm. I will paint from a live model for about 1 and half hours and then answer questions on my painting process, my training, etc.