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Figure painting workshop 7 days- long pose - Philadelphia

Master Figure Painting: The Long Pose

Instructor: Kerry DunnSunday - SaturdayAugust 18 — August 24, 2019Time: 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.Tuition: $899 Save $200 by taking both the Master Long Pose Figure and Master Portrait workshops for only $1,598


The instructor demonstrates from start to finish over the course of the seven days. Every morning the instructor demos from 9 - 11 a.m.  to introduce students to their day's work.

The first day focuses on the grisaille stage, which uses a brown paint to establish the drawing. The instructor  illustrates how to get better proportions by calibrating abstract angle relationships, working from larger to smaller, basic anatomy and gesture.

The second day the class uses flesh tones to block-in the planes of the structure, begin modeling the forms 'toward the light source,' establishing a value range and further developing the anatomy. This creates the figure as an under-painting; color is then incorporated at a later stage.

The third day, a basic color theory is introduced, at which point the class takes a short break from the long pose to explore a separate color study of the figure. Students then apply what they have learned about color to the figure and its environment of the long pose, resulting in a full-color under-painting by the end of the fourth day.

Finally, students are guided on how to build the "finish pass" over the course of the last three days. At this stage, students learn about painting wet-into-wet vs. scumbling, modeling the form toward the light source, basic anatomy, and managing color and flesh tones together, rendering edges, and finishing.

This workshop has been expanded to give students more time to develop their figure painting to a fuller finish. The instructor teaches with visual demonstrations every morning as well as with each individual student throughout the day. Students leave with one fully finished painting, one color study and a more thorough understanding of the figure  painting process from start to finish.

Additional workshop events:

Tuesday, Aug. 21, 6 - 9 p.m. - Figure demonstration featuring Studio Incamminati faculty

Wednesday, Aug. 22, 6 p.m. - Kerry Dunn presentation on his body of work and how it relates to the workshop lessons.
Evening social with workshop artists and Studio Incamminati instructors

Workshop artists receive:

• Free Studio Incamminati tote bag and baseball cap

• Certificate of Completion
• One month free access to the exclusive Studio Incamminati Online Art Resources digital library which includes Nelson Shanks demos and publications by renowned artists such as Jon deMartin. (Access to the password-restricted gallery begins Aug. 20 and continues for 30 days