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Edmond, Oklahoma: 5 Day portrait painting workshop

The Conservatory for Classical Art

Edmond, Oklahoma

5 Day portrait painting workshop


This is a five day portrait painting workshop focusing on developing the portrait over a longer pose. Every morning from 9 - 11am the instructor will demonstrate in order to lead students with what to work on for the day. The 1st day students will begin their long painting with brown paint in order to work out the drawing and proportions of the head, utilizing both linear drawing and massing-in the shadow pattern. The 2nd day students will incorporate flesh tones into the light mass in order to develop the value range, build with planes, practice modeling form and learning basic anatomy. The 3rd day we will take a break from the long pose and do multiple color studies, including one of our long pose set-up. The color theory of Henry Hensche will be explored. The 4th day students will return to painting the long pose by establishing the color block-in and color key of the painting as a whole. The 5th day students will practice building the smaller structures and modeling smaller forms, this will lead to finishing the features and focal point areas. Students will leave with one longer portrait painting and two shorter color studies; along with a greater understanding of the different stages of the painting process, the visual and conceptual tools we build with, and the principles which govern the visual language. This workshop is for beginner to advanced painters. Some prior painting experience is beneficial.