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"Advanced" Portrait Workshop @ Studio Incamminati

Studio Incamminati
                    Philadelphia, PA.
                    (215) 592-7910
                      August 12 - 16

Experience the progressive study of Studio Incamminati's Professional Program in a concentrated form.

This workshop is for experienced painters who work closely with instructors as they move through all the stages of developing a painting. Students review fundamental concepts with experienced instructors who offer personal instruction and guidance through all stges. Students are taught to understand the importance of relating planes of value and relating the main color mases. In additon, students learn to build on these fundamentals through the stages of a painting. Students progress from strong "block-in" to developing specific areas of the painting. Instructors also emphasize understanding the effects of light and color on the human form as well as modeling values with color.

On the first day, students work with shorter poses. During the final four days, students get a total of 24 hours of long-pose portrait work. These longer poses enable students to put workshop stages and concepts into practice.

 (I may adjust the amount of time spent on the long pose as I see is most beneficial to student learning).