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Portrait painting 3 day workshop - Nashville, Tennessee

This Portrait Painting Workshop will focus on a three day long pose, working with a live model. Every morning the instructor will demo from 9am til 11:00am in order to lead students with what they will work on for the day. The first day will focus on the grisaille stage, which uses a brown paint to establish the drawing. The instructor will illustrate how to get better proportions by calibrating abstract angle relationships, working from larger to smaller, basic anatomy and gesture. The second day the class will use flesh tones to block-in the planes of the structure, begin modeling the forms 'toward the light source', establishing a value range and further developing the anatomy. This will create the portrait as an under-painting. Finally, students will be guided on how to build the 'finish pass' over the course of the last day. At this stage students will learn about painting wet-into-wet vs. scumbling, modeling the form toward the light source, basic anatomy, managing color and flesh tones together, rendering edges, and finishing. The instructor will teach with visual demonstrations every morning as well as with each individual student throughout the day. Students will leave with one long pose portrait painting and a more thorough understanding of the painting process from start to finish. This workshop is for beginner to advanced students. Some basic drawing experience is beneficial.