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5 Day Portrait Workshop: Tampa, Florida

Santaella Studios for the Arts

Tampa, Florida. 

(215) 592-7910


The purpose of this workshop is to study the building stages of creating a portrait painting from life. By following a basic process we can examine closer each stage and it's correlating visual principles. Students will start with a grisaille in order to capture the gesture and use Bargue drawing type thinking to study the proportions of the head. Then flesh tones are added to develop a fuller value range and begin building the illusion of light on form. Color studies using a basic abstract color theory and an understanding of the color of the light source will be explored and then weaved into this process as we enter the middle stages of the painting. Finally, the second half of the week will be devoted to a long pose where students will practice building their painting in preparation for the 'final pass' or 'finish pass' which will also be explored. All stages will be demonstrated by the instructor along with individual attention at each students easel. In addition we will study the use of edges, focal points, the concept of larger to smaller relationships, planar thinking, anatomical landmarks and paint handling. The class will start with shorter head studies progressing toward a 2 1/2 day portrait painting at the end of the week. Students will leave with a greater understanding and ability with the exercises and also integrating them into one cohesive painting process in order to paint a more fully completed portrait.