Artist Statement


           I love the craft of drawing and painting. I am in love with it. I am also a competitor. I am open to both the incredible achievements of the old masters as well as the innovations of the modernists. The ideal for me would be to create art that is masterfully crafted; and equally important, also embodies conceptual ideas that cause us to think. I think us 'traditionalists' have much to learn from the 'modernists'. Currently my art is moving in a direction that has to do with what I see that is lacking in the world: 'empathy' and 'equality'. I wish to do so in the most beautiful way possible, because if you create something beautiful; people will pause... become enamored, absorbed, and then... they become open to what you have to say.  Isn't this what art is supposed to do? Knock you over the head in some way, rock your world, shift the ground underneath your feet... so that you are forever different?!! Many of us have had this experience at some point in our lives, the greatest works of all time do this. I know that I have not achieved this lofty goal, and I may never, but it certainly gives one something to shoot for! Let's raise the bar.